One night with the King


2nd November 2019

Mount Zion Community Church

'One night with the King'

with Guest Speaker Pauline Anderson

One Night with The King is Mount Zion Community Church’s Womens ministry yearly conference. It is an event we hold to unravel God’s blessings and dominion that women (as God’s own creation and daughters of Zion) can have when they come into His presence and understand our place in Him.

This year, we have chosen to focus on Marriage, Singleness and God’s Love. We believe there is so much that can be revealed in God’s word in order for each woman who attends to understand what God is saying to her in her life and relationship.

Women are gateways God uses to bring about life and so alot can’t be at stake for them if they get it wrong; we thus need to understand our part in God’s plan and how powerful and special we are in His eyes.

We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. And with His love shared abroad in our hearts, we believe that nothing can separate us from all God’s promises to us.

Through this event, it is or strong belief that God has prepared a release of this revelation and more that will bring about joy, confidence, fulfilment, healing & wholeness to the women who attend the event.


Mount Zion Community Church
70 Thomas Street, Birmingham, B6 4TN


with Guest Speaker Pauline Anderson