The Shalom ‘Signature’ Centre Piece

A Gift from ‘The Olive HuB’

Giving expression to life ‘s purpose and ‘pilgrimage’… ”

Created by:  Pauline Anderson – Director:
Shalom Counselling & Training Enterprise

Makes an ideal gift for the:
–  home interior.

–  church displays

–  office reception

–  wedding gift

–  family time & celebration

Each item that comprises this beautiful creation, holds a significant message on a scroll which can guide the recipient through a series of experiences encountered in life – similar to a ‘pilgrimage’.


  1. Peace Lily in stem vase – represents ‘Shalom’ well-being, togetherness, peace, unbroken, wholeness, contained
  2. Stones – Markers in life events, transitions, movement, ‘footprints-in-the-sand’
  3. Candle – light, illumination along the pathway
  4. Cascading green foliage (amaranthus/grasses) – life giving covering, protection, shade ‘Dwelling in the secret place’ Psalm 91
  5. Clay pot –we are created by God (Genesis)
  6. Bamboo base -Our foundation/base ( includes circular markers of life cycles and experiences)
  7. Couple/family figurine – representing relationship and connectedness with one another
  8. Bottle of Olive Oil –Anointing & Blessing for our pilgrimage through life
  9. A Card featuring the Aaronic Blessing –  : ‘May the Lord bless, guide and keep you and give you favour. The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you SHALOM ‘ (Peace)! Ref. Numbers 6:24-26 Each Centrepiece (approximate size 52 cm height/32 cm width) has a beautifully finished free-standing plaque with the above scripture – Designed by – ERA-00 Designs © Centre-piece manufactured & produced by Noelle Blake Creates © Deborah Iona Photography © Cost of Complete Centre-Piece £45.00 (collected
    from the Olive HuB in Birmingham, UK)